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Room rates increase on 1/1/2018

For reservations, contact the Bookings Manager on

01736-752169 or 07895-601978

To view the rooms, contact the Bookings Manager

or email: bookings@hayle-pei.org.uk


The rates will vary for special use.

Please contact the building manager for special services

such as catering, tea & coffee, etc.

Conditions of Hire

All users of the building must adhere to our terms and conditions.


Downstairs Rooms (Disabled accessible)


Passmore Edwards Room

£22 per session

£23 per session from 1/1/18


This room has a marvellous, historic ambience with wood panelling, specially-made table and formal paintings. The boardroom table seats 16, plus seating for an additional 12+.

Ideal for business and community meetings.

7.6m x 5.5m (41.8 sq.m)



Esme Jelbert Room - Refurbished June 2010

£22 per session

£23 per session from 1/1/18

    Formerly the Silvanus Trevail Room (Architect of the Institute)    

This is a light and airy room with chairs and tables for 40. Suitable for informal meetings, arts & crafts, etc. Adjacent to the kitchen. 7.3m x 6.1m (44.5 sq.m)

Tables can be arranged classroom-style for lectures or into a round-table format for meetings.


This high-ceilinged room with windows on two sides is ideal for meetings.


A projector screen and full-length blinds make it perfect for presentation.

This room has direct

access to the kitchen.


Denis Hollow Room - Fully refurbished November 2009

£22 per session

£23 per session from 1/1/18


Wooden floor. Suitable for exhibitions, exercise, meetings, arts & crafts, etc. 7.3m x 6.1m (44.5 sq.m)



A bright, airy room with

high ceilings.

Perfect for exhibitions


Two side windows and

a large main window

make the room

naturally bright.

The rear wall makes

a good location for

a screen or large


Heavy vertical blinds

can darken the room

when required.


The room, often in conjunction with the
use of other rooms
and the kitchen,
is ideal for exhibitions.


Upstairs Rooms (Not Disabled accessible)


Francis Haniel Harvey Room (One of the Original Trustees)

£17 per session


Overlooking the Copperhouse Pool, this is a quiet room with a vaulted ceiling and plenty of natural light.  It is suitable for interviewing, quiet reflection and meetings of 20-25 people.

6.1m x 3.7m (22.6 sq.m)


    Room This room is equipped with
a meeting table and can
be used in several configurations.

Henry Harvey Trevithick Room (One of the Original Trustees)

£22 per session

£23 per session from 1/1/18


With a raised platform this large room can seat 60+ for lectures, exhibitions and large meetings, or it can be used as an exercise room. 13m x 6.1m. (79.3 sq.m)

Blackout curtains and a new carpet were installed in August 2015. There are also 80 new comfortable chairs available in the room.


The carpet was donated by TJ's Carpets Ltd, 58 Mellanear Road, Hayle. 01736-757540

Kitchen Use (Prior arrangement is required.)


Downstairs kitchen - shared use

£3 per session  
Upstairs kitchen - shared use

£3 per session




There are three sessions per day:

Morning, 8am to 12pm

Afternoon, 1pm to 5pm

Evening, 6pm to 10pm

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