Health & Safety Briefing

Passmore Edwards Institute Management committee strive hard to provide a safe and good quality room for your use and hope you enjoy using it. Health & Safety and Fire Risk Assessments have been completed for the building and are regularly reviewed.

The committee ask you please to be safety conscious and pay particular attention to the following:-

  1. Slips, trips & falls. Practice good housekeeping and safe methods of operationensure no trailing leads and any equipment is safely stacked/stored after use.
  2. Electricity – all electrical circuits are certified safe but any additional equipment brought into the building must have a current PAT label and be cleared by the building manager.
  3. Gas/oil heaters – please do not place any flammable materials near the heaters and  ensure they are switched off correctly when leaving the room.
  4. Fire Safety – familiarise yourselves with the layout of the building. Prepare an attendance list for your group for use as a roll call in an emergency. Check fire exits, escape routes and fire fighting equipment before your event. Keep all Fire Exits and Escape Routes free from obstruction. Be aware of potential causes of fire. No untrained people should attempt to extinguish a fire. If necessary dial 999 to call the Fire Brigade.
  5. Medical Emergency – Only a trained First Aider should provide First Aid treatment.  Common sense First attention is essential to prevent further complications. There is a First Aid kit in the kitchen. Call a public ambulance as necessary.
  6. Incident Reporting – Any accident which requires medical attention must be reported to the Building Manager. If it is serious this must be done immediately on 07895-601978. An Incident Report form must be completed and details entered in the accident book.  A serious accident (death, major injury, disease, dangerous occurrence or hospitalisation    of a member of the public), will need action as required by the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR 95). This is best done by telephoning the HSE Incident Contact Centre on 0845 300 9923, as soon as possible.
  7. Building defects – any defects in the building should be reported to the Manager, on 07895-601978, as soon as possible.

Thank You

Building Manager