Risk Assessment

The Passmore Edwards Building in Hayle is known as Hayle’s Village Hall and is owned and operated by the Passmore Edwards Institute Charity, no. 268429. It provides rooms for meetings, lectures, and other forms of recreation and leisure-time activities.

A general risk assessment is undertaken whenever there are changes to the building or procedures and periodically to ensure nothing is missed.

The most recent Health & Safety Risk Assessment was undertaken on the 26th of September 2018 and a copy is available by clicking the link.

PEI H & S Risk Ass. Sept. 2018

A copy of the Passmore Edwards Institute Users Health & Safety Brief is available below:

PEI Users H & S Brief 2018

Recommended Actions:

The Health & Safety Assessor made the following recommendations. Their current status is marked:

Car Park – Designate disabled parking spaces near ramp. UNDER REVIEW
Store room – remove heavy item from top of cupboard. COMPLETED
Trevithick room – fit guards to windows at rear of stage. IN PROGRESS
Gents toilet – waste outlet, possible tripping hazard. HAZARD WARNING
Electrical – Portable Appliance Testing due. COMPLETED
Upstairs kitchen – kettle lead too short. COMPLETED
Fire – long ladders on floor in rear fire exit. REMOVED
Gas Safety – arrange building gas safety certification. COMPLETED
Passmore room – secure Harvey bust to pedestal or wall. UNDER REVIEW
First Aid – replace out of date items in first aid boxes. COMPLETED
Traffic – Provide 5mph site speed limit sign. COMPLETED
Provide ‘Caution beware Pedestrians’ sign at car park exit. COMPLETED